Ready Mix Concrete - RESIDENTIAL

At Colt Concrete Industries, we will provide you with any residential concrete services you need. From multiple house slabs, to patios and driveways, to helping with quantity calculations, the certified professionals of Colt Concrete will ensure delivery of the best possible results for all your residential projects. Colt Concrete will be there to safely deliver quality concrete and timely service.

Residential Concrete Services

  • Foundations and Slabs
  • Sidewalks and Driveways
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Retaining Wall Foundations

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To make your project a success, it is important to use the proper type of ready mix concrete. The experts here at Colt Concrete Industries will help ensure you make the right selection. The most commonly used styles of ready mix concrete are fast-setting, high-strength, and crack-resistant. All three are created from a combination of cement, sand, and gravel, but each one’s unique makeup offers particular characteristics that make it a better choice for certain uses. To learn more and place your order, please contact us today!

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    Dispatch service


    Get the results you deserve with our quality service. Our qualified team of professionals provide dispatch experience and area knowledge to help achieve a timely arrival and delivery schedule...
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    Ready mix concrete


    Ensuring quality and cost-savings, Colt Concrete will provide a mix design that is tailored specifically to your project. Once your engineer has approved the design, we are ready to move forward with production...
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    Equipment efficiency

    Equipment efficiency

    Our ERIE MP-11T batch plant brings precision and high volume concrete production to dry batch ready mix operations. With trucks batched in as little as 3 minutes, the plant can produce over 200 cy/hour...
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    High quality concrete should be installed by high quality contractors. Check out some of our preferred vendors that we have worked with before on both residential and commercial projects throughout our market areas!

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