At Colt Concrete, we recommend the use of Ready Mix Concrete over site mixed concrete due its versatility and ease of use.


» Mix designs are developed specifically for your project’s needs

» Concrete is produced under controlled conditions


» Transportation and placement are easy! Ready Mix Concrete is delivered ready to use, does not require equipment use at the site and can even be delivered to multiple sites within a project without losing consistency of quality.

» Allows for high speed of delivery/construction


» Little to no maintenance costs

» Reduced dust and environmental pollution
Concrete is sold in the volume unit of CUBIC YARDS. 1 CY = 3’x3’x3’

Visit our Concrete Calculator to learn more about the needs for your specific project. Still need help? Our team is on hand to offer assistance with any volume calculations.
We receive this question often and the answer is “yes!” Cracks in concrete are inevitable and very common. While some types of cracks might be worrisome, there are other types of cracks that are expected and engineered to happen to set specifications.
Yes. Ready Mix trucks travel on the road but are often required to enter construction sites for delivery. The customer is responsible for providing safe and adequate access to the point of delivery. Being that a loaded ready-mix truck weighs over 65,000 pounds, special attention must be given to the “off-road” conditions.
The minimum quantity that we can produce is 2 cubic yards. There is no maximum quantity. We can produce up to 125 CY per HR.
Concrete pricing varies depending on the mix design (or strength requirement), location of delivery, speed of delivery and quantity required. Contact us today for a quote on your upcoming order.
Please reach out to Mika Lawson to place your order or if you have any pending questions.


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